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Boliflame-Forte Tablet

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Form- tablet

Composition: Mefenamic Acid 500 mg & Paracetamol 325 mg

Dosage: As Prescribed By Physician

pack size: 10 x 10 tablet

Storage: Keep in a Place away from Sunlight


Product Introduction

The Boliflame Forte Tablet combines two medications. It is applied to fever treatment. Additionally, it can treat mild to severe pain from various ailments, including toothaches, body aches, and headaches.

Boliflame Forte Tablet Benefits

A combination of Boliflame Forte tablets medication relieves aches and pains. It inhibits the brain’s chemical messengers, which alert us to pain. It relieves pain from headaches, migraines, neuralgia, toothaches, sore throats, menstruation pains, arthritis, and muscle tension.

You can also buy a Byliv Tablet.

Boliflame Forte Tablet Side Effects

Children tolerate the Boliflame Forte Tablets well, and they do not have any major adverse effects. If adverse effects arise, they should go away as soon as the body gets used to the medication. Should these adverse effects worsen or continue, speak with your child’s physician. The most typical adverse effects consist of:

Boliflame Forte has common side effects

  • Emesis
  • Throwing up
  • The diarrhea
  • Indigestion
  • Appetite decline
  • Reflux

Indication : 

  • Low back pain 
  • Colicky pain 
  • Post-operative pain
  • High-grade pain
  • Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea

Mefenamic acid

  • Mefenamic acid, with its anti-inflammatory action, provides relief from pain.
  •  The most widely used pain reliever is safe and effective in most patients.


  • Quickly initiates desired analgesics and antipyretic activity.

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