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Byliv Tablet

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Form: Tablet

Composition: pancreatin 212 mg, bile constituent 25.62 mg, Hemicellulose 36.75 mg, Diastase 50 mg, pepsin 10 mg, ginger extract 500 mg, pudina extract 12.45 mg, and amalaki extract 16.5 mg vit. b1 5 mg vit. b12 7.5 mg folic acid 1000 mg vit. b2 5 mg; niacinamide23.5mg, Lactobacillus sporogenes; fructo oilgosaccharides; colostrum;

Dosage: As Prescribed By Physician

Pack size: 10 x 10 tablet

Storage: Keep in a Cool Place & Away from Sunlight


  Indication :

  1. Promotes GUT health.
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. Manage blood sugar level
  4. Balance Cholesterol levels
  5. Strengthens bone density
  6. encourages normal digestion
  7. Nourishes intestinal cells
  8. enhances nutrient absorption
  9. improves bowel regulatory
  10. Increase calcium absorption
  11. Supports heart health


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