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 Form- Drops

Composition: simethicone 40 mg, Dil Oil 0.0005 ml, & Fennel Oil 0.0007 ml

Dosage: < 6 months: 5–10 drops QID

 6 – 12 months: 10-20 drops QID

>1 year: 20 – 25 drops QID

pack size  – 15 ml

StorageKeep in Cool Place & Away from Sunlight


Indication :

  • Flatulence & bloating
  • Abdominal colic


  • It works by making it easier to pass gas through your digestive tract and exit your body.
  • Treats the symptoms of gas, such as fullness, pressure, and bloating.

Dill oil & fennel oil

  • Dill oil and fennel oil are herbal medicines that help increase the stomach and intestine’s movement to push food through the digestive system and relieve muscle spasms in the gut.


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