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Indication :
  • In the management of male infertility
  • It improves physical endurance and boost immunity
Form Capsules
CompositionCo-enzyme Q10 50 mg (Ubidecarenone), L-carnitine 500 mg & Vitamin-E 400 IU
Dosage As Prescribed By Physician
pack size 10 x 10 tablet
Storage Keep in Cool Place & Away from Sunlight
Co-enzyme Q10
  • Produce energy, improve sperm motility hence improves fertility, parkinson’s disease, migraine, cancer, after heart attack.
  • Fat burner and energy produces, transport fat to mitochondria
Vitamin E
  • Antioxidant, icrease immunity, decrease inflammation, cholesterol oxidation, repair damage skin, thicken hair, improve physical endurance and muscle strength.